Tralee CoderDojo.

We’re a voluntary organisation that runs in ten week terms at the IT Tralee’s North Campus on Saturdays
from 1 – 3pm. We run completely free to join classes all students must be registered for the term to participate. CoderDojo is a movement orientated around running free not-for-profit coding clubs and regular sessions for young people.

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Tralee CoderDoJo (TCDJ) Spring & Autumn terms each run 10 weeks in duration and start in the months of September and January.Free IT training camp for kids established in 2011
Participants must be properly registered ONLINE beforehand. Links for submitting Registration Forms online will be communicated before each term begins. TCDJ runs on Scheduled Saturdays at Times 13.00 to 15.00 at The ITT North Campus in the main Business & Information Technology Building. Rooms T105 T107 T109 & T110 (subject to availability). Please bring your Laptop!

TCDJ  2020 Spring Schedule – (Jan-Apr 2020)

Registration & Enrolment Information & Notices:
Age Groups 8-12 Click HERE
for Registration Notice, FORMS  & Information.
Age Groups 13-18 Click HERE for Registration Notice, FORMS & Information.

Looking forward to the TCDJ Spring 2020 Season!!

Thanks to all our Volunteers, Ninjas, Parents and our TCDJ Team and as well as our Supporting Partners.
E Mail  if you have any queries Or via the Contact Page: Click on ‘About’ in the Header Menu above to Contact us:
Tralee CoderDoJo Information Leaflet: Click HERE.


Giving kids and young people all over the world better access to the Magic behind the technology that surrounds us and touches almost everything that we do in our lives.

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Wanna teach kids to code?, there are many ways in which you can volunteer with your local CoderDojo to teach kids, whether you are technical or not, to find out more: see below.

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CoderDojo is a fun and social space where young people, between 7 and 17, can go to explore technology together and get advice and support from skilled mentors.

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Once you have registered with CoderDojo, you can access all our learning material online.

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Thank You To Our Supporting Partners

  • Thank you to Sean Ryan and Aspen Grove Solutions for your Incredible and Perpetual Support right from the Beginning.

Age Groups

Our participating Ninjas, aged 8 – 17 learn computing and coding skills and we break them into primary school and secondary school age groups.

The primary school age group (8 – 12 years) must have parents/guardians present with them during classes, and the older group (13 – 17 years) will have 2 – 3 parents available as supervision during their classes.

Each student starts in a beginner group for their age and are given the basics of coding and computing in their first term. After their first term they have the option to advance to the intermediate group to learn more advanced content or work on projects of their own creation with aid from the volunteers.

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Students in the intermediate groups are free to work on their own projects.

Students can ask also technical volunteers questions to help them complete them and potentially improve how they work.

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Students receive their first belt for attending five classes and from then on they receive belts of numerous other colour levels up to black depending on the skill/project level that they can demonstrate in any of the available coding languages.

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Here is a list of programs we use.

  • Android Developer
  • Scratch 2.0
  • Google App Inventor
  • Lego robotics

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