Topics Taught

HTML is the main subject taught in the beginner group as this lets them create websites and better under stand the internet and how it works.

Scratch is a subject taught to the younger group, this allows for basic game and animation creation while allowing the basic logic of coding to be learned.

Mobile Apps only a single class of this is given as an introduction to the subject but it allows students to create their first android application.

GameSalad is an application for platform game creation, this allows for games to be created by adding code blocks together and importing media of your choosing.

Core Programming is explained slowly to let students get to grips with the concepts and their uses and understand across language items such as loops, iterations and additional items.



Moodle is a learning management system that allows students to access class content and ask volunteers questions about their projects and other applications. All registered students can access moodle here.



Students receive their first belt for attending five classes and from then on they receive belts of numerous other colour levels up to black depending on the skill/project level that they can demonstrate in any of the available coding languages.



Students in the intermediate are free to work on their own projects and can ask technical volunteers questions to help them complete them and potentially improve how they work.


Current Class Schedule