Glove Pie Inclass Controller Code

September 23, 2013 by Uncategorized No Comments

If anyone want to use the in class controller for glove pie the following code should get it working as a basic mouse for ye,


Mouse.DirectInputX = mouse.DirectInputX + 6*deadzone(Joystick1.x)

Mouse.DirectInputY = mouse.DirectInputY + 6*deadzone(Joystick1.y)


mouse.RightButton = Joystick1.Button1

mouse.LeftButton = Joystick1.Button2

key.enter = Joystick1.Button3

key.escape = Joystick1.Button4

key.Ctrl = Joystick1.Button5

key.Delete = Joystick1.Button6

key.Alt = Joystick1.Button10