Tralee CoderDojo Registration Notice – Age 8-12 Groups

TCDJ 2020 Spring Schedule – (Jan-Apr 2020):
TCDTerm 1 starts Saturday January 18th at the ITT North Campus. Clubs 1,2,3 attending.
TCDTerm 2 starts Saturday February 29th at the ITT North Campus. Clubs 3,4,5,6 attending.
Check which TCDClub your Ninja is in and the applicable Start Date for that TCDClub.

Age 8-12 Registration Group FORMS: (Registration form links not available on the website. They will be emailed in advance to those registered for Spring / Autumn 2020)

(1) Age 8-12 Junior (TCDJ Clubs 1&4) Activation Date: TBD
Prerequisites: None

(2) Age 8-12 Intermediate (TCDJ Club 5). Activation Date: TBD
Prerequisites: Yellow Belt or Higher

(3) Age 8-12 Advanced (TCDJ Club 6). Activation Date: TBD
Prerequisites: Yellow Belt or Higher


Above all, Tralee CoderDoJo (TCDJ) is a fun and social space where young people, aged between 8 and 18, can come to explore technology together and get advice and support from skilled mentors. We focus on Problem Solving, Teamwork and Sharing as a means to achieve.

Tralee LogoTCDJ Club Sessions take place at ITT North Campus Tralee on relevant Saturday’s from 1-3pm. We are located at the Business & Information Technology Building (S) at Rooms T105, T107, T109 and T110 (subject to availability). Directions & Map HERE.

Initially at this 8-12 Age group, TCDJ Club-workshops are task-oriented and ‘belts’ and certificates will be awarded, in the form of colour-graded wrist-bands and certificates to recognise the level of skill achieved. Project and Team work will follow as participant’s progress. Participants will be expected to attend the sessions, develop specific skills and demonstrate what you have learned through the completion of specific tasks. We are particularly focused on getting Ninjas involved in working together as a Team, we encourage Problem Solving and we encourage Ninjas to help each other to achieve and progress to the next level together.

Some of the topics covered may include the following:

  •     Scratch
  •     Web development technologies (HTML&CSS)
  •     Core-Programming.
  •     Arduino, Lego Robotics and much more…

PLEASE NOTE: For all TCDJ Sessions: A parent/guardian is required to accompany their child, ‘Sign-In’ on the attendance sheet and stay for the duration of the sessions for Age 8-12 participants.

Age 8-12 Group Registration Links will be activated and become ‘Live’ on a scheduled and pre-advised date. The links to online registration forms will be emailed in advance to ninjas who have participated previously and to those who have already contacted TCDJ. Also keep a watchful eye on our website and our Facebook page. By submitting this application form online, you accept also that your child may be used in photographic or video material for promotional purposes by Tralee CoderDoJo.

The Registration process for Age 8-12 Beginners Groups changed for the Autumn 2017 term and was based upon the Notifications List from interested parties which we maintained on file. If you wish to be added to the Notification List for new joiners in Autumn 2019, please email, including the name and age of the child and any previous coding experience they may have.

You do not need to print any of these forms/documents.

TCDJ is a voluntary organisation run by a group including Parents, Volunteers and some IT Experts. Parents will be expected to be pro-active and participate and assist in the Administration Tasks involved in running TCDJ. Parents will please respect that the Tralee ITT permits TCDJ to share their facilities.

Participants will require to bring a Laptop to each TCDJ club Session. If you do not have access to a Laptop, please inform us in advance and we will endeavour to facilitate you with the Loan of a Laptop while participants attend at TCDJ. This Laptop is not for you to keep.

From time to time we will advise of Downloads that you may require in advance of  particular TCDJ Saturday Sessions. We will E Mail you and advise notice at this page also regarding the particular downloads required. It is advised that TCDJ participants monitor the TCDJ website for News Updates and Releases.
If you have any questions or comments, please email

Donations are accepted at Tralee CoderDoJo. Donations go towards facilitating Volunteer Presenters to better prepare and deliver class content to our children attending. Tralee CoderDoJo Information Leaflet: Click HERE.

Sessions will not run unless adequate parental supervision is in place.

When you Complete and Submit a Registration Application Form you agree to abide by ALL the Terms outlined above in this page.